101+ Indoor & Outdoor Activities For Kids

101 indoor and outdoor activities for kids.
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Many schools are closing due to the imminent threat of COVID-19 and I’ve been getting lots of requests from my followers on how to keep our preschoolers and kids busy indoors and outdoors (in case you have your own yard).

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I hope you will like the ideas. What is more they are coming not only from my experience but I have also introduced some of my favorite bloggers.

What if I don’t have the items at home to set up these indoor and outdoor activities?

No need to worry. There is so many of them that for sure, you will find something for you. You do not need to perform all of them. And if you are determined enough head on to Amazon to order them.

So let’s start.

Table Of Contents

Teach Your Child Addition

We practice the addition of bigger numbers. It is always tricky for kids as usually, we start counting using fingers; thus you have a limited number of them! The addition of bigger numbers could be so easy, you have just to add certain digits. To introduce this technique, I prepared a math board with digits, to ease the process, I used some colorful clips.

What do you need?

  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Clips

What skills do you practice?

  • Addition

Check out our movie on how to teach a preschooler addition

Teach Your Child Subtraction

Today we used cardboard and clothespins to practice subtraction. I wrote on cardboard bunnies numbers to subtract and put the appropriate numbers on them.

Atena had to subtract numbers and remove relevant numbers of clothespins to have the correct result.
I cut cardboard bunnies. It took me less than 10 minutes.

What do you need?

  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Clothespins
  • Scissors

What skills do you practice?

  • Math, Subtraction

Check out our movie on how to teach a preschooler substraction

Teach Your Child Square Numbers

What is a square number?

It is the product of some integer with itself. Example: 25 is a square number since it can be written 5 x 5.

Today we are practicing multiplication.

Additionally, I have introduced square numbers. I created the learning resource using an egg carton; I used the rainbow theme to encourage Atena to practice; it is so inviting for kids. Multiplication is still challenging for her, but we work on it systematically. We used dice to make it more attractive and random.

What do you need?

  • Egg carton
  • Marker
  • Paints and brush
  • Dice

What skills do you practice?

  • Math, Multiplication

Check out our movie on how to perform square numbers activity

Teach Your Child Multiplication

Letter M is for Multiplication and math.

Today we started to learn multiplication. To make the activity more attractive, I used the Easter theme, small wooden eggs, and colorful dices.

What do you need?

  • Something that could be counted
  • Dices

What skills do you practice?

  • Math, Multiplication

Watch our video where I demonstrate how to perform this multiplication activity

Teach Your Child To Tight Its Shoes

I prepared simply DIY shoe for Atena to encourage her to learn how to tie shoelaces.

We used old shoe cartons, winter shoes of the younger sister, and cardboard from another box. We have a lot of packing materials at home now as we order mostly everything via the internet.

She tried, and has not learnt yet, but I think it will happen in a few days! 🙂

What do you need?

  • 💛Old carton
  • 💛Cardboard
  • 💛Ribbon or lace
  • 💛Paints
  • 💛Brush
  • 💛Knife / Scissors

What skills do you practice?

💛Practical life skills

Watch our video where I demonstrate how to execute shoe tightening exercise

Teach Your Child To Estimate? – Blue Water Beads Estimation

7 Ways To Teach Your Child Letters

Matching Letters

Art The Alphabet – Letter M

Find Your Name

B Like A Bird

Letters Part 1

Letters Part 2 – Letter Stamps

Letters Sensory Bag

Teach Your Child Shapes

3d Shapes

Math Art

How Many Squares

32 Ways To Discover Physics And Chemistry With Your Child

What Are The Molecules And Atoms For Kids?

Density Experiment I – Coloring The Water

Density Experiment II – Floating Eggs

Density Experiment III – 5-layer Liquid

Egg In A Bottle – A One-Way Trip

Bubble Tube

Raising Water Using Candle And A Tube

Self-Inflating Balloon

Firing Up The Balloon

Cold And Warm Water Experiment

Learn About Friction On A Bottle Of Water

Weights – Archimedes Law For Children

Thermal Imaging

Magic Of Electro-Magnetic Currents

Learn About The Static Electricity Using A Balloon And Hair

Magnetic Butterfly

Fruity Atoms

Home-Made Volcano

Elephant Toothpaste

Melting Heart

Self-Growing Bubble

Dry Ice Bubbles

Dry Ice Pumpkins

Ames Room

Oil Dancing Bubbles

Frozen Flower

Crystal Hearts

Small Balls – The Centrifugal Force For Kids

Home-made Volcano Eruption

Elephant Toothpaste

Dancing Grapes

Separate Water Into Hydrogen And Oxygen

26 Ways To Develop Sensory Skills With A Preschooler

Rock Painting

Diy Bowling Using Paper cups

Rainbow Sponge

Water Rainbow

Painting Flamingo Using Hands

Rescue Nemo And Count

Draw A Tasty Mars

Salt Painting

A Toilet-Paper Rainbow

Glitter Sensory Bag

Draw A Heart

Sensory Heart

Playdough Maze

Train Your Brain

Marbles Trees

Sensory Tubes

Christmas Sensory Bin

Plastic Crafts

Glitter Leaves

Painting With Salt

Flowering Tree

Shaving Cream Paintings


Heart Rainbow And Addition

Woolen Hair

Water Beads Rainbow

3 Easter Activities

Easter Eggs Coloring

Easter Math

Diy Easter Egg

10 Magical Activities For Kids

Mindblower – A Disappearing Coin

Magical Flower From The Toilet Paper

Spooky Candles

Billiard Balls And Gravity

Hide Your Kid In The Bubble

Magical Balloon

Silver Egg

Black Magic Hand

Disappearing Glass

Dancing Balls And A Hairdryer

How To Introduce A Clock To A Preschooler?

Teach Your Child A Logical Thinking

Tic Tac Toe

Pom Poms Fractions

Computer Science


Discover Patterns

Discover Even More Difficult Patterns With Your Kid

Teach Addition Using Patterns

Discover Sets And Subsets With Your Child

Introduce Biology To A Preschooler

Biosphere – Time-Lapse Video

Learn About Bacterias Using Candies

3 Activities With A Paper Carton

Egg Carton

Diy Hearts

Heart Piggy Bank

4 Activities With A Tray

Sea Exploration

Sea Creatures Tray

Sea World

Planets Tray

3 Activities With Pom Poms

Pom Poms I

Pom Poms Ice Cubes

Hunting Pompoms

Make A Pizza With Your Kid

Water Beads In A Balloon – Slow Motion Video

5 Christmas Activities

Santa Claus

Christmas Math



Smurf In The Jar


Fly To The Moon

Feel The Power Of Wind

Fly To Mars

Special Programs And Events

We are all trying to do our best to support local communities and families with kids and teens who are looking for structured at-home activities where they are being directed by an instructor.

If you are looking for STEM activities near Massachusets, most of the summer camps and programs are not running in-person events this summer.

Therefore please check the list of virtual summer activities for kids in MA prepared by my colleague – Cyndi.

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