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Growing plants with toddlers

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A few weeks ago, we performed activity of filming a growing plant. We had to wait for the result for about a week, but the result is impressive.

During the whole week, we were observing how the plant was growing.
We decided to build the model of the biosphere.

Choose a container

As a first step, you need to choose a proper container. You can use a glass dish, a glass, a glass jar. We used a dedicated toy for this. The most important is to have a container that assures enough light for your living organism.

Prepare the right soil, so your plant grows

The first step was to create soil layers. We have prepared three layers: gravel, sand, and peat. An essential element was leveling the ground so that each layer was to the same height as the dish.

Later, Atena watered the peat so that the plant had water from the soil.

Choose the seeds and sow the plant

As a next step, we need to sow the plants. We used morning glory and clover seeds. We found them in the set, BUT feel free to use any fast-growing plants (kids are not patient 😉 ).

Create clouds and micro-climate

The last step is to create clouds. We put ice cubes on the top of our dish. Ice was melting and was filling the pond inside of the container.

Wait at least two days to start seeing first plants

It took us a minimum of two days to start observing the first results. Only after a whole week, we came up with wholly unfolded leaves and beautiful plants.

Atena Sci And Play Tips

Prepare your video camera or a phone in hyper-lapse mode to catch the Mother Nature at work.

What do we need to perform growing plants activity?

  • A dish
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Peat
  • Seeds
  • Ice
  • Patience 🙂

What skills does the growing plants activity develop?

  • Basics of ecology, biology

We were so happy to see our plant growing. We created the film we always wanted to have, showing the growth of the plant.

It is fantastic, our planet is amazing!

Please, leave a comment if you like it. Let me know your ways of growing plants with your kids.

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