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How thirsty candle is rising water?

Introduction The result of the experiment is tricky to many people who wonder why a burning candle (we call it thirsty) makes water rising possible. Thus it is even more interesting for children who are totally amazed by the effect. Do you know what makes the trick? The pressure. In our experiment we used: Water Food dye Candle Lighter Vase Vessel Experiment execution For the purpose of better visibility, we dye water. Step 1 – Stabilize the candle Use hot glue or wax from the candle to stick the candle into the bottom of a vessel. Step 2 – Pour… Read More

How to make a disappearing glass?

Introduction Your children will be surprised and amazed with the result. In this post we compare refractive index of water and refractive index of glycerin. As a matter of fact glycerin has a similar refractive index as glass. Therefore, we used this physical property to perform experiment which your children will love. Firstly, the main advantage of this experiment is that you can explain to the child the properties of light and matter. Secondly, it could be a fantastic introduction to optics. In our experiment we use: Water Glycerin 2 glasses Test-tube  Experiment execution This experiment should be executed using… Read More

How to draw Mars and smell it?

Introduction As we are continuing our adventure with space exploration, we decided to give you a simple but impressive way to draw Mars. In this experiment, we draw Mars using a unique technique – spices, glue, and poster crayons. Hope you will enjoy the film. At the end you can use leftovers of your spices and prepare wonderful dish πŸ˜‰ What are interesting facts about Mars? Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury. Its’ reddish appearance caused by iron oxide has been reflected by us using mix of red… Read More